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4709 Harford Road STE 5 Baltimore, MD 21214


HaloCyTech LLC is a startup venture based on technologies exclusively licensed from Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland.

At HaloCyTech, we generate natural products from unique, fast growing, and robust proprietary cyanobacterial (blue-green algae) strains.
Our operation is centered at the Morgan State University Patuxent Environmental and Aquatic Research Laboratory (MSU PEARL). The MSU PEARL is located in Calvert County, Maryland, directly adjacent to the Patuxent River - a major tributary of the Chesapeake Bay.


Mission & Vision


HaloCyTech aspires to be a premier source of affordable cyanobacterial based bio-products for a broad range of industries, from nutraceuticals, to natural food & cosmetic dyes, to bio-fuel.


Thanks to our proprietary cyanobacteria strains, our growth and harvesting process reduces the need for fresh water and artificial light, reducing our burden on our precious natural environment.

Our Team


Dr. Behnam Tabatabai

Co-Founder & President

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Dr. Viji Sitther

Co-Founder & CEO

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Doug Zeisel


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Rob Meissner


About the PEARL


The Patuxent Environmental & Aquatic Research Laboratory is located near the Patuxent River (part of Chesapeake Bay watershed) in Saint Leonard, Maryland. Research conducted at the state-of-the art facility is designed to increase the understanding of coastal ecosystems so that they may be properly managed and protected. Much of the work is focused on the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries, such as the Patuxent River.

  • Founded in 1967 by The Academy of Natural Sciences and located in Benedict, Maryland with George Abbe being the first scientist

  • Moved to current facility in St. Leonard, Maryland, in 1994
  • Became part of Morgan State University in September 2004