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Cyanobacteria-based Green Natural Products

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HaloCyTech LLC employs a novel method to produce high yields of cyanobacterial (algae) biomass and bioproducts in brackish waters using robust strains, called HaloFD. These proprietary strains incorporate a number of high value traits such as salt tolerance and high lipid content, and are engineered for a range of industrial and commercial applications.

Our raw material allows for rapid production of a variety of products ranging from nutritional supplements, to fuel, to food dyes and cosmetics, all at a competitive price. Other technologies, by comparison, require higher quantities of freshwater, light, and nutrients to generate the same amount of bioproducts. By using more robust strains that minimize inputs, our innovation will enable our customers to sell more products to their clients at affordable prices, while maintaining profit margins for their suppliers, distributors, and retailers.


Cyanobacterial generation time is very short - 1 to 2 weeks from initiation to harvest.


Our strains require little freshwater and low light input, thus reducing capital costs.


Our biomass can be used for a wide variety of end-products to meet our customers needs.

Our products in development include:

  • Dry Biomass
  • Wet Biomass
  • Chlorophyll
  • Carotenoids
  • Phycocyanins
  • Phycoerythrins
  • Extracted Lipids